Monday, December 10, 2012


Hello. Happy holidays, whatever they may be. Even if it's a holiday from working!!!! Who doesn't like that? Myself, apparently, as I have booked myself into various low-paying but very fun shows in Toronto over the next little while!!! Here they are:
Thursday December 13 - Annex Live, 9PM
Friday December 14 - Evany And Kyle Present, 9PM
Friday December 14 - Headlining at the LOT comedy club, 10PM
Saturday December 15 - Headlining at the LOT, 10PM
Tuesday December 18 - Write Club Toronto, The Garrison, 8PM
Wednesday December 19 - 4th Annual Egg Nog Spectacular with Hunter Collins at Vapor Central
Thursday December 27 - Last Laugh Sabbath of 2012 at Comedy Bar, 930!
Tuesday January 8, The Joke Club with Tom Henry & Sarah Ford, The Garrison. 9PM

And that's only the beginning!!!!!!
Actually that's pretty much the end.