Monday, May 14, 2012

More Shows! Montreal, Ottawa, Calgary!

Last blog post of mine was me posting show dates, and I thought 'why stop that trend?' All shows listed are in Toronto unless otherwise listed. But I'm getting out there, I'm doing some travel! Check out the dates: May 31 - Laugh Sabbath, Comedy Bar June 1
June 1 - Comedy Bar with Mark Little(Cabaret Room) June 2
June 5- Sal And Sandy, Clandestiny June 7
June 7- World Short Film Fest, The Garrison Premiering the short "Sheddies" with Tim Gilbert and Brian Barlow
June 9 - Ottawa Comedy Explosion with Bobcat Goldthwait, Brody Stevens, Chris Locke, more!
 June 11 - Laughable At Unlovable
June 15 - Mark Sultan, The Nymphets, Chelsea Beat at La Sala Rossa, Sunni Del Popolo Fest(MTL)
June 20,21 - Sled Island comedy with Gavin Mcinnes, Hannibal Buress(Calgary) And more! But those are all I can think of now.
 Really excited for the Ottawa, Montreal and Calgary dates! And the show with Mark Little!