Friday, February 24, 2012


A lot of people come up to me and they say "Hey Nick." then I say "Hey." back to them. Then they leave. After they leave I wish they had asked me what shows I have coming up. Which reminds me, I have some shows coming up...they're all listed in Toronto unless I sez otherwise.
Monday February 27 - Laughable At Unlovable! 9PM.
Monday March 5 - Laughable At Unlovable! 9PM
Wednesday March 7 - Chris Locke's birthday show at Double Double Land!
Sunday March 11 - Staircase Theatre, Hamilton ON. With Cliff Myers and Chris Locke.
Monday March 19 - Laughable At Unlovable! 9PM
Wednesday March 21 - Weedy Wednesdays at Vapor Central, 9PM.
Thursday March 22 - Laugh Sabbath, Comedy Bar. 930.
Sunday March 25 - Gus' Pub, Halifax.
Sunday April 14 - MCing at the Dirty Ghosts Show, The Silver Dollar.
Thursday April 25 - Laugh Sabbath at Comedy bar, 930.

I will post more as they arrive! Busy times.