Tuesday, February 23, 2010


How do you introduce yourself awkwardly? Allow me to show you.

Nick Flanagan

combustiblesound | MySpace Music Videos

This set and some of the others up on myspace happened right before I recorded my album sets - which I am going over this week and organising into some sort of cohesive mess. I'm very excited for the record. I even got Anthony who owns Talent Moat(the label putting out the record) to give me his phone number, so you know I must be legit!

Monday, February 22, 2010

Trailer Review for District 13: Ultimatum

Yes, I reviewed the ad for French mondo-terror parable District 13:Ultimatum.
Please enjoy!

I watched some movies lately. I saw the original Italian Job - and I'm not talking about the Sistine Chapel, I'm talking about the movie with Michael "John Mc" Caine. He sure wore a lot of eyeliner in the 1960s, but who didn't!?

Then this week I watched Don Siegal's The Killers. Ronald Reagan is in it and he looks about 70 years old. Keep in mind this is in like 1966! It makes me feel weird when old people live for 20 years or more. Right? No, probably not right.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

Roundup! Toro Video! New Heads! LA Report.

Hello to all my 'dirty dirtys'. I hope you're well this fine February. Valentine's Day is upcoming, and I'm hoping to not get gangbanged this year, as per my contract. Let's talk about things. There's a new episode of Heads! It's up exclusively at Street Carnage right now.
Also, I'm getting into season one of Friday Night Lights. Is it too late for me to become an athlete?
I visited LA recently. Here's an exclusive pic from it:
The secret word is 'don't scare Pee Wee with my almost psychopathic overenthusiasm'
I wrote about all the starwatching I did here.
I also have a new Trailer Review for Toro!