Thursday, August 06, 2009

Movie Reviews & A New Toro Blog.

Oh Hi, Mark. It's me, Nick. How are you? I just had a couple of my nearest and dearest in town for 10 days of eating, watching TV and making hasty exits from bars and clubs. It was really fun and anytime you're my best friend and you want to come visit, that would just be great!
On the reportage front, I made a new Toro column: Here it is: Jude Law, Simpson/Romo and The Usual Crud

Now let's talk films:

The Room:As good as anybody says it is. Tommy Wiseau is a fascinating onscreen presence on par with the dog who played Beethoven. Sometimes I think he's a Paul Reubens character. MUST SEE.
A Family Underground: This documentary on Insane Clown Posse's annual Gathering Of The Juggalos proved to me what I always thought: Psychopathic Records is a modern day version of Stax/Volt. There is that much raw, facepainted talent there. Twizted are absodefinutely the new Sam and Dave.
Why is there criticism of Ron Paul being harassed in this movie? I assumed the world was demanding that he be harassed in some manner. I wasn't demanding it, but I figured somebody was.
Bronson: No, this isn't a biography on Balki, although it is about a man with a ridiculous accent. It's about the most violent prisoner in British history and I found it very well-done, if a little fighty. There should be an entire British genre called 'hard man movies', because this is yet another one where a big English guy unblinkly yells at the camera and prison guards. MEGAN FOX MAKES ME A HARD MAN AM AH RIGHT UKNOWHAMEAN

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