Thursday, July 30, 2009

New video!

Hello my dear blog readin' pals. Are you OK? I'm. Lots of shows coming up in the next month or two-it's fairly exciting stuff, including a date opening for Jon Lajoie in September and an upcoming Joke Club show in August. Whatever the case, I have a new Toro video!

Monday, July 27, 2009

Smiff N Wessun & Black Moon rule.

The Black Moon/Smiff N Wessun show was great. Here's the original copy of my review, originally published at

Black Moon with Smiff N Wessun, Marco Polo & Torae @ Opera House, Thursday July 23rd. Editorial Rating: *****
The atmosphere at last night's Opera House 'Tribute To The Classics' headlined by Brooklyn's Black Moon and Smiff N Wessun (AKA The Cocoa Brovaz), likely because those who know the group and their label Duck Down, know. With a Toronto fanbase that seems to have infinite respect for the groups, with a large portion of that infinite faith stemming from their debuts-Black Moon's Enta Da Stage pretty much solidified the bellowed rap chorus as a song mechanism, and Smiff N Wessun's Dah Shinin' was a dank exercise in steller MC back and forth over undeniable beats from Duck Down's in-house masters Da Beatminerz. After a spirited set from Marco Polo & Torae that got the crowd involved and further amped, Evil Dee launched into a DJ set that seamlessly led to Smiff N Wessun hitting the stage with Timz N Hood Chek, Dah Shinin's leadoff track. Evil Dee shone as much as anyone that night, using hiphop stalwart beats to great effect-the second verse of Timz N Hood Chek was backed by the Deep Cover beat, and he would use split second snippets of Welcome 2 Jamrock and Ante Up to incite the crowd. He even scratched with his face during his intro set. Smiff N Wessun parlayed the chemistry they showed on wax into their live performance, with slightly changed up flows that didn't take away from the songs, and excited demeanors that felt genuine. After several songs from them, Buckshot hit the stage, displaying an energy that many MCs could learn from. He started off with Powerful Impak, Enta Tha Stage's lead track, and kept going, unafraid to freestyle when the moment took him, and going back and forth across the stage with the energy of a stoned-via-vaporizer Michael Phelps. Trading stage time with Smiff N Wessun proved simple-the groups came together for songs like Black Smiff N Wessun and U Da Man(which also featured an appearance from Duck Down CEO Big Dru Ha and his revered 'I always get the pussy 'cuz I tell 'em that I'm Spanish' line), and each acted as hypemen for the other during off-time. Buckshot also ripped through a verse from Black Moon MC 5 Ft. Accelerator, who was absent due to border problems. The venue was packed and happy, with the high point being Sound Bwoy Buriel, which many in the crowd rapped along with, and which basically had as much impact on their fans as Bruce Springsteen performing Born To Run would on have on his. Ending with an impassioned freestyle from Buckshot critiquing Autotune's distinct, often unacknowledged similarity to the work of Roger Troutman, and an exit to the strains of Hey Joe, this was an intimate and brilliant celebration of important works in hip-hop.

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Band. Celebrities. Rap.

Hey weirdies. You`re all great, right? Except for you, guy who said backhanded thing me that time. And you, guy who looked at me weird just because I was at the dollar store looking for cheap air freshener. Hey did you what? I wrote a new Toro column about Paula Abdul, Walter Cronkite, and all of our other friends
Don't forget! If you're in Montreal this weekend, Brutal Knights performs.

Tonight I get to see Black Moon. Smiff N Wessun too. You know who I'm talking about, right? I'm talking about these dudes...

You will hear more about me hearing a show later.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Newest Video.

Film reviews, Billy Bob Thornton impression and more!

Hope you enjoy!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Things I Didn't Write In Reviews and Interviews.

Lately I've been thinking of the things I do. By 'lately', of course I mean 'since I discovered self-obsession at the age of 3, when I first noticed my reflection in windows and mirrors'. I write about music a fair amount, and at some point I decided to make my reviews a little more informative than opinionated. Essentially, one should assume that in my spare time, I don't listen to 75% of the stuff I'm assigned to check out or review. Yes, as nice as they were, I was unfamiliar with Biffy Clyro prior to being assigned an interview. They're talented and nice though. What the fuck were they doing on the Warped Tour though?
It's questions like that, and comments like "Even though this review is evenly toned, keep in mind that I think Offspring blow bigger chunks than those which broke off of the Titanic" Also "Dexter Holland changed his hairstyle when Fieldy, Christina Aguilera and Mena Suvari started copying it".
At the moment I'm not sure what to tell you I would have written but did not. Maybe I'll start with my recent Rock The Bells Review. I forgot to mention this stuff:
-Joe Budden is like a rap version of Homer Simpson, except not as funny. No idea why he has certain internet messageboards agog. He was trying to be the star of Slaughterhouse, but Royce 5'9 and Crooked I are the obvious standouts to me in that weird unsuccessful guy supergroup. Great T shirts though. Plus, Joell Ortiz has heart though.
-Seriously, Mos Def was on another planet. It was very strange. I kinda loved it, but it was odd as Hell. The new album is good.
-Molson Amphitheatre is a nightmare. $9 cups of beer, an inconsistent security staff that may or may not target pot smokers, awful acoustics and a general barf/concrete odor.
-The stage setup was sparse and kinda shabby for the show, although once the light fixtures above the stage started working it got kind of cool.
-Talib Kweli is an awkward onstage presence no matter what you tell me. But he can rap.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Sarah Palin.

I wrote about Sarah Palin.

Please tell me how it makes you feel when you read my thoughts.
Speaking of, I think it should be illegal for arenas to charge $10 for beer. i know they're trying to keep people sober, but I'd rather a happy drunk driver than a poor drunk driver. Right?

Saturday, July 04, 2009

Another Week, Another Video.

See you in Montreal, Ottawa and beyond in the next little while!

PS What do you think of my Billy Bob Thornton impression?