Tuesday, February 12, 2008


Montreal this weekend past was fun, if trying. We left late in the day because our guitarist had to operate a crane. This led to us driving through bad snow at night, and so we arrived at the venue at roughly midnight. It's never fun to walk in and have to play, but that was close to the reality for us. Then we played and I appeared in my customary underwear/boots look, which led to Steve Bennett and maybe others tearing my underwear off of me, forcing a song or two to be performed naked. Not cool at all. A man in underwear looks fine, but a nude man is just a less strong ape. Freed testicles are the opposite of freed mammaries. Between the nudity and my unfamiliarity with our set list, it wasn't my most comfortable Montreal appearance, but it went over better than my hyper-depressing attempts to do comedy at French Canadian rock bars have. At one point I used a beer pitcher as a fig leaf. Allegedly it wound up magnifiying the gross ball situation. Tonight we open for Andrew WK.

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