Tuesday, February 05, 2008


Last night I came home from Catch-23, after band practice. I turned on the Howard Stern show, lay on my bed, and fell asleep. It caught me by surprise. I had no time to brush my teeth. I didn't even realise I fell asleep, as my dream was so pedestrian that I could have easily not dreamed it at all. In the dream, I went to my friend Graham's house and began trying to brainstorm with him, but it didn't really go anywhere, and I left to catch the bus home. Instead of doing that, I went to a bar in a high school and purchased a beer. I walked around the halls holding a beer in that weird 'holding a beer' POV from the movies, and came upon a lady taking portraits. I started taking a picture with her, but as she was doing so(and taking her time), I realised I was going to miss my bus. It was at this point that I woke myself up and brushed my teeth. Interpret.

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