Saturday, February 02, 2008


When Brutal Knights played Adrift the other week, a kid somehow clambered onto the pipe above the crowd. What a little Spiderman! Lindsay, who owns the place, promptly shouted at me to get him down from there. As I'm not Mr.Fantastic, there was nothing I could do except say 'dude, get down from there...' while the band kept playing. That's probably been my major contribution to society for the month.

After four days of craziness last week, I got a cold. My dad bought me some eggs and some Cold-FX. I used the eggs correctly(put them in fridge), but I'm not sure I used the cold medicine correctly. It told me to take 9 pills the first day, 6 pills the second day, and 3 pills the third day. What I did was I put 14 pills in my DVD player. I should have just gotten the flu shot years ago, and none of this shit would've gone down.

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Lucy said...

cold fx is really really good. although it only really works preventively or at the onset of yr cold.

Dr. Lucy