Wednesday, January 30, 2008


Lately I have been feeling a little 'blech'. By 'lately', I of course mean 'since I was 12'. Recently I have deduced this is because I need to do more yoga. Because I don't have time in my day to research what yoga is, I will quickly guess some yoga stuff I could do:

  1. Leave milk in the sun for 3 days. Then crouch near it.
  2. Every time I want to go to a convenience store to purchase jerky, go to a buddhist temple instead.
  3. If I masturbate about Gosling, stretch first, then do the dirty thing as a reward for stretching.
  4. Pour a bunch of chop suey on the floor and lie on the chop suey.
  5. Buy a Japanese car?

I'll keep a yoga diary and let you know how my yogic progress is going on the yoga front.

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