Saturday, March 11, 2006


I do. That show has seduced me. I watched it last night. Afterward, I watched Coyote Ugly, and learned that if I really want to get good, I need practice playing keyboard while singing my songs without a mic at night, on my the roof of my New York apartment building, with lips that look swollen from punching. Thanks to everybody who came out to this past Joke Club. I had fun and hope you also did too, if you were there. I was supposed to play a show with this band Orthrelm tomorrow at The Boat, but it isn't happening. So now I have an extra day to figure out what type of shit to talk about for the Books On Tape shows this week. I get the feeling people want to hear me make fun of presidents. This is just a hunch.

Today Brutal Knights are playing Larsenal in Montreal. I don't know if anybody knows besides us and a few wise punx. I look forward to the za. I wish I were one of the Coyote Ugly girls, because then I would have a shitload of tip money saved up, probably.

Oh yeah, check out a short I'm in called "Ma" at