Saturday, October 01, 2005

Went and saw Neil Hamburger last night. He had me in stitches and the El Mocambo was highly crowded. I was excited. Then I DJ'd at a skate party at a skater skateboard shop. It was highly extreme. Beers, shots, wacky sound system, getting wobbly.
Obviously I went home by myself and dry heaved without trying to wake my parents. I feel like my life is a sick parody of a sitcom-I'm the 25 year old trying to pretend he's the sassy teenage son. I'm also somehow the annoying neighbour. Sometimes there's even a treacly message at the end of one of 'my episodes'. Speaking of which, I had some treacle today. I put it on a flax waffle. Then I poured corn syrup on it. It was delicious and I felt like a high society pioneer. Rammer play with a band called Usurper tonight. Maybe you who live in Toronto and like heavy riffs should go?

Speaking of 'should go', that's what I should do. Joke Club is this coming tuesday, October 4th. Here is the lineup as it stands. There were a couple of cancellations and a couple of additions:
MC Nick Flanagwar
Deborah Robinson
The Gurg
Val Flanagan
James Marshall
Aaron Eves
Pete "Michigan komik" Weiss
Pete "Michigan komik" Weiss' friend
Tim Polley
Linda Ellis
David Dineen-Porter
Will Weldon
Jeff Mcenry
Mike Balazo

with video by Adam & Dave, Brian Barlow, Rebecca Addelman & me, and episode 2.5 of Aziz Ansari and Rob Huebel's Shutterbugs.

Also, please note that Brutal Knights are opening for Danko Jones with Priestess at Lee's Palace on saturday, October 8th.
I'm gonna take a bath and then shave my balls now?

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