Sunday, October 09, 2005


What a buncha weeks it's been. Fall is finally upon Toronto, and it should be nice, seeing as its' shift in climate was highky gradual and preceded by some very pleasant weathers. There is an exhibit on at the Ontario Science Center where they are displaying dead bodies. I tried to go to it, but the lines were too long. It is a far distance from the place I live. Luckily, the park next to the science center made the trip worthy, as it is nice. I also saw a praying mantis. The Danko Jones show was fun yesterday. Priestess have pretty amplifiers.

I'm excited about this album recording night on Friday October 21 at the Bagel. The openers are good and it will be nice to record some jokes.

I saw the Billy Crystal one man show today, and it was good at being what it was. Meaning, it was great at being succesful.

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