Saturday, October 22, 2005

Gourmandery versus Decorum

Today is Saturday. There is something called the Canadian Comedy Awards happening in London, Ontario, right now. I have famously and justifably referred to London, Ontario as the worst city ever. Somebody disprove me. This is your first challenge.

I'm not in London, though. I'm in Toronto. It's raining outside, and because it is the day I haven't left the house. Yesterday's album taping was really fun, and I was heartened by both the turnout and the performances of everybody else: Makesi Arthur, Kathleen Phillips and Mack Lawrenz were all really good. Thanks also to Rebecca Addelman for manning the door and to Marco Moniz for recording the whole thing.
Comedy at a place called The Bagel just can't go wrong. Now I have to prepare for this November 1 long set I'm gonna do. I want to do some of the same material but also heavily change things up. It'll also be interesting to see how tired the audience will be after all the other 18 performers have played. But sometimes tired audiences are the most pliable. Like when dogs get tired and you can just pose them in funny poses, not that I would ever consider something so unnatural.

Fuck a truck, are there some good shows coming up or not? Yes there are!
Lots. I counted and I have like 12 shows within the next 30 days. Maybe more.
Lots of em are good. I'm doing some comedy at Clinton's on Tuesday, October 25th as part of the Mr.Francis night. I'm looking forward to getting the chance to newly joke.
Then on Saturday, October 29th Brutal Knights play in Montreal....spookily. I will eat a pointe and sing the song Le High Pointe, about the 99 cent pizza shop in Montreal Brutal Knights owns(in a fantasy world of my own creation). It even has a reference to Doctor Pizza, which is an homage to my old band Teen Crud Combo's song D.P.O.D(Dr.Pizza or Die).Here are the lyrics:
Pizza Pizza Pizza
Everybody loves pizza
when pizza is good
tout le monde is happy
when it is expensive
life is crappy
Le High Pointe
That's the pizza place we own
Le High Pointe
Try our brand new pizza cone
eat the fuckin pizza
til you puke, tabernac
salue the fleur de lis
tell all the other pizza
to get off your back
Le High Pointe
Cheap pizza in a french place
Le High Pointe
Extra tarriffs if you want delivery to space
Le High Pointe
I used to go to Dr.Pizza
Le High Pointe
When I wanted pizza
Le High Pointe
Now when I want Pizza
Le High Pointe
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Then on sunday is our rematch Halloween show with Fucked Up, Career Suicide, Terminal State and Pinkeye. Expect both latent and non-latent homoeroticsm. I'm fine with both.
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