Friday, September 23, 2005

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Come to joke club!
Join the blog if you want to comment. I'm sick/bored of too many boring comments. I'm looking at you, poem-maker. Please don't turn out to be my dad.

Friday, September 16, 2005

The end of summer is dragging on forever, but it's in a good way, so I'm happy. As you may have been able to tell by the amount of needless, asinine comments in my previous "BLOG POSTS", it's time for a new "BLOG POST". Yesterday I was an extra in a Buck 65 video. It was thrilling. There's no better feeling than being part of an undertaking that parks a fully stocked craft services van right outside of noted homeless shelter The Scott Mission. It's wasn't even so much the presence of the van that caused me to laugh darkly at the situation, but the illustration on the van's side of a crazed chef wielding a knife and fork. For some reason I found that to be the most offensive/hilarious thing.

Thanks to everybody who came out to Joke Club. I showed an art video and there were few walkouts. That has always been my dream. I had a great time, and everybody who performed was really fun, especially Kathleen Phillips who closed the night with a really hilarious performance as a sock puppet-wielding foreigner landlord.

I went to the local-talent-studded Loner Show at the Oasis the other night and it was also highly good. In local comedy, I really feel that "Women a run tings". There's so many funny ladies. On a comedy messageboard I frequent, a funny lady named Jen Kirkman(aka Nurse Kirkman from amazing cartoon Home Movies, which sometimes functions as Prozac for me) said to replace the word 'woman' with 'black' when discussing female comics and to realise how jerky most folk sound when bringing up the funny estrogen-havers. But really I don't feel that in local comedy, "Black people a run tings", so it's immaterial.

Brutal Knights play tonight in Guelph with Bayonettes and Gunnar Hansen. PWYC 730 PM. 127 Grange Street. Mapquest it. Ba-boom.

Tomorrow we open for CMON, alongside No No Zero and other rad bands at the Rivoli. We'll be second on the bill out of four bands. So come early.
Also, at the Boat that night(Saturday september 17th) my friends Mike and Elizabeth are hosting a "NO BAD MUSIC" dance party. It will rule and you should dance away the pre-fall blahs. Go go go you sons of guns!

Sunday is the matinee all-ages show at the Rivoli with CMON, Whitey Houston and From Fiction. I think we're on first, and doors are at 3-so act like my favourite type of lover and come early.

We have shows in october that will rule. Joke Club's oct.4, we are opening for Danko Jones early in the month, and a Halloween show with Fucked Up and Righteous Jams is also in the works. The good times.

Monday, September 05, 2005

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There you go. That is the Joke Club poster. Will Weldon and Steve Jones are not playing. However, Levi Macdougall, The Cinnamen and Mack Lawrenz(whose birthday it will be that day) are. There's supposedly a good show afterward, so hang out after the show and we will all have a good time.

And this friday, Brutal Knights plays some wacky show in the east end. Email me if you want guestlistery.
The end of summer has been really fun in Toronto. Mild psychedelic partying, some good shows and a little bit of housesitting. House shitting as well. Luckily, no outhouse shitting. I hate that type of waste disposal.

I hope the hurricane problem somehow solves itself.