Monday, June 27, 2005

fat times

Skinny people. I'm wearing a short sleeved shirt that really accentuates my curves right now, and it's such an exciting feeling. It's like wearing a girdle that nobody knows is a girdle but that also makes me look fatter instead of thinner. We'll be shooting a last-minute Joke Club poster picture tonight, which I'll be happy with I'm sure, as long as I've got the posters up by this weekend.

Besides that, thanks to everybody who came out to the shows on Saturday. I had a great time at both, although both were also marred by shoddiness. The comedy appearance at the Sailboats are White, Lobster Rock Tokyo show was marred by the fact I seem to have misplaced ALL of my identification while I was there. So if you find it, I'd like it.
The Adrift show on the other hand, was marred by the fact that the cops shut it down after Rammer had played merely one song, thanks to people drinking in the alley and not the show zone. This is the same kinda thing that got Cinecycle in trouble, and it's frustrating. Luckily it should be cool.

It's gonna be a bit of a busy next few days. Stop by the Gladstone tonight and the Poor Alex tomorrow if you wanna see me work out some jokes for next week's JC. Tuesday's Poor Alex thing will be opening up for Better Than Shakespeare, who've done their ting each tuesday this month. Check that shit OUT!

Oh, and thanks to anybody who came to see that play I did yesterday and the sunday before.

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Anonymous said...

Send me the picture/poster if you can.

Also, early september is a good
time to come to Halifax if you or
your band is on tour -- lots of dumb
students with fresh $,
waiting to spend

Rebecca Y. xo