Monday, June 27, 2005

fat times

Skinny people. I'm wearing a short sleeved shirt that really accentuates my curves right now, and it's such an exciting feeling. It's like wearing a girdle that nobody knows is a girdle but that also makes me look fatter instead of thinner. We'll be shooting a last-minute Joke Club poster picture tonight, which I'll be happy with I'm sure, as long as I've got the posters up by this weekend.

Besides that, thanks to everybody who came out to the shows on Saturday. I had a great time at both, although both were also marred by shoddiness. The comedy appearance at the Sailboats are White, Lobster Rock Tokyo show was marred by the fact I seem to have misplaced ALL of my identification while I was there. So if you find it, I'd like it.
The Adrift show on the other hand, was marred by the fact that the cops shut it down after Rammer had played merely one song, thanks to people drinking in the alley and not the show zone. This is the same kinda thing that got Cinecycle in trouble, and it's frustrating. Luckily it should be cool.

It's gonna be a bit of a busy next few days. Stop by the Gladstone tonight and the Poor Alex tomorrow if you wanna see me work out some jokes for next week's JC. Tuesday's Poor Alex thing will be opening up for Better Than Shakespeare, who've done their ting each tuesday this month. Check that shit OUT!

Oh, and thanks to anybody who came to see that play I did yesterday and the sunday before.

Friday, June 17, 2005

A Hello To Legs

Let's begin by talking about movies. I began watching Spiderman 2 a couple of nights ago and like it a lot. The nazi from Oz IS J, Jonah Jameson. As well, I liked the Bruce Campell cameo. That guy deserves the world...and more. I can''t wait to regain enough of an attention span to watch the rest of the film.

Then yesterday I finally watched Harold and Kumar goes to White Castle, and enjoyed much of it, including its Canadian filmedness. I like it when he slaps the joint.

At 3 am last night I took it upon myself to begin watching Before Sunset...and again, I really enjoyed what I saw of it, I am a sucker for the original movie, and except for Ethan Hawke looking strung out, this seems like more of the same.

Beyond movie-watching, I've been trying to write a couple of video shorts, as well as preparing for a few shows this coming week and weekend. Shall I tell ye about them?

THURSDAY JUNE 23 I will be doing two things. Firstly I will be reading half of my unfinished comedy script Fido For President at Super Pen Pals, a night of readings organised by Kathleen Phillips, a very talented and hilarious lady. She'll also be reading, along with Brian Barlow, Mike Balazo and others. The show is at the Oasis at spadina and college and it's pay what you can.

Following this, I'll be walking over to Sneaky Dee's in order to MC the Spitfires and Mayflowers CD release party, which will feautre DJs Davida n Jay. There should be bands playing as well. It starts round 9 and will have a party vibe.

Then on saturday June 25th Brutal Knights will be playing a fun anniversary gig show celebrating birthdays and the like at Adrift skate shop on Augusta. It'll be cheap and RAMMER and LEGEON 666 will be joining us. I'm sure there will also be some fun surprises as well. It should be quite the partaaaay.

That same night, slightly earlier, I'll be above the Bagel on college street across from the Oasis doing comedy at the Lobster Rock Tokyo/Sailboats are White show. The jokes are free but the crack costs money.

And don't forget Joke Club on tues. July 5th! A great lineup awaits. Levi Macdougall, Makesi Arthur, James Marshall, Kathleen Phillips and others are all planning on entertaining you. All I need to do is figure out a musical guest. I'm also thinking of having a should be fun.

Plus I'm looking for shows in NYC July 21st, 22nd or 24th...lemme know if you have a lead or two.
I should also stress I really need work...preferably writing-based.

RIP Julie Self. I'm glad we were at least myspace pals.

Friday, June 03, 2005

Eye Article Redux
So I had a self-penned piece in the most recent eye magazine. Here is where to read it:
(just copy and paste that link)
I was a little bummed I couldn't find a way to talk about good rooms and comics.
First of all, Alan Park mentioned a couple of people when I spoke with him-Terry Clement and Kliph Nesteroff. I've never seen the former, but totally stand by the latter. I really hope he keeps trying to entertain people. Kliph Nesteroff is from Vancouver and had a lot to do with yelly and hilarious Shecky Grey. terry Clement I have never seen, but only heard good things about. He's a comic who works a lot at Yuk Yuk's but who sounds like he's always trying new and weird stuff.

Another exciting thing is Righteous Wednesdays at the Oasis. Each show will be interesting. The first, Let's Get Hot, booked and hosted by Chris Locke of the Gurg, was great. Really fun and the comics he got were good. Plus it was PWYC. Also, Chris is a really creative and funny comic too, whose ability to bring random thoughts together into a cohesive thought-cake is neat.

The second wednesday is Brian Barlow(the other guy in the Gurg)'s Loner Show--a very unique and great show, where comics Brian picks do pieces they normally wouldn't need to, like read stories or perform monologues. It all still has to be funny, and most often is. Plus, Brian always hosts as a character and is consistently hilarious. the one on June 8th is gonna be great, too. It's jam-packed with people who are all gonna do 3-5 minute pieces. it's all PWYC.

Jared Sales, who hosts the Side Show, another monthly wednesday thing at the Oasis,puts on Canker alongside Daryn Macintyre, and their one year anniversary is tonight, June 3rd. Knock Knock Who's There Comedy, the Gurg and The Distractions are all playing, as well as Fraser Young, Aaron Berg, Joe Ross and many more. It'll be really fun and I belive it's $5. It's been a good room all year.

Comics like Makesi Arthur, Mack Lawrenz, Sara Hennesey, Deborah Robinson, and many more(but especially RANDY HUGHES-who plays Joke Club next tuesday and is an event to see) also continue to leave me happy about jokes in this city.
I'm getting tired, so I'm just gonna leave a flyer up for tonight's big show:
Cinecycle, 8PM sharp, $10:
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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

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