Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Come and see us try to play music. It should be an interesting attempt. We recently updated the website too. We took some shots for the next Joke club today, and they're funny? I heartily enjoy Beanie Sigel. Also, the movie Baaadaasss is worth seeing, especially if you've seen the movie it tells the story of--as well, it's easily Mario Van Peebles best movie, due to his overall shitty flicks. Comedy shows coming up are
Joke Club on June 7th, a show with The Tuna Helpers, Daiquiri and more on June 10th(put on by Mr.Matt Collins, no longer a single man. Congrats Matt!), an appearance at the Living Well on saturday May 28, the Old York this sunday May 22, and also I'll be DJing at a bar on sunday may 22nd as well. Such busibodiness is unbecoming.

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Flans said...

I'm pretty sure I mispelled busibodiness