Tuesday, May 10, 2005

I Am An Intentionally Unfunny Meta-Comedian With Huge Balls That Are Covered In Coarse Hairs And Filled With Unbelievable Jokes

I'm trying to think of a new motto. The above one would be good if I were indeed attempting to be 'intentionally unfunny'. It's so easy to be unintentionally unfunny-why even be deliberate about it? Just let it happen. Unrelatedly, I want to thank all who attended Joke Club last week. It was a good one. I'm thinking of doing away with my 'wild card' spot in the lineup, although I have to say that watching clueless pros bend over backwards to match their personas to the Joke Club crowd is hilarfious for me to see. What do you think? Should I exercise more quality control booking Joke Club? I hate booking things. I've done far more booking than I ever expected to in my life. It was my birthday three weeks ago, but I wish it still were. Although perhaps that would cause me to age faster? Similar to drinking the wrong cup when facing the final trial of Indiana Jones & The Last Crusade.

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