Monday, April 04, 2005


I've always wanted to go to Martinique, because it's the place where there are presumably martinis. I have yet to really enjoy drinking a martini, but I think if there's anywhere I could, it'd be Martinique.

Things are OK. There's a wacky amount of shows coming up. There's a rad show tonight at a skate shop/indoor park called Adrift where a buncha punkers are punking hardcorely. It's a benefit for a radio show called Equalizing Distort on CIUT 89.5 sundays from 9-12, or 10-12. I don't remember exactly when. Is good show.

Then tomorrow I'll be doing a set at a free show at the poor alex upstairs. It starts at 9:30 and I should be there every week. Please come and have fun. Last week Boyd Banks did a hilarious set. I was supposed to play a show with him at the Drake yesterday but it weirdly fell through. Rest assured that he entertains.

On wednesday I'm gonna either host and joke or do a one long set at Rancho Relaxo at a poker-themed, band-filled, PWYC show. It'll be fun too.

Then thursday is Joke Club at the Drake. I'll put up the flyer in a couple of days.

Friday Brutal Knights play at Clinton's with tonz o rad bands.

But enough of this boring listing off of upcoming events. You sit at your computer, and what you're really wondering aboot is how I am doing and if I am funny.
Well, to answer the first question, I'm doing well, but that's only because I ate pretzels with mustard earlier today, and then went for a walk. Am I funny?
Only if you consider hilarious things to be funny. Do you? Please support my one-man scene. And Oh my god, it's sad that Mitch Hedberg died. It's also sad that Neil Young had a braineurysm. Other sad thing is that only the woes of the famous sadden me.

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