Tuesday, April 26, 2005


Stupid Canada government is so stupid. They can't even not be caught for stealing. It embarasses more about Canada than even our shitty TV channels do. JOKE CLUB IS TONIGHT. Below are the set times, the flyer, and the original picture by Davida Nemiroff. I'm stoked for partay.

9: You show up.
915: You have relaxed and are ready for comedy.
930: Opening statements by Nick Flanagan
followed by:
Brian Barlow
Daryn Macintyre
James Marshall
Bob Kerr
some video
more words from Nick
Desiree Lavoie
Jared Sales
Dan Galea
Chris Locke
Deborah Robinson
Pat Thornton
Fraser Young
and then Snowy Owl will rock you til the dawn of the machine age

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Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Please go! Sarah Vowell book launch beforehand too. I don't know much about her, but she sounds literary and skilled. Also, let's try and get Paris Hilton to go to JC.

Monday, April 11, 2005

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Monday, April 04, 2005


I've always wanted to go to Martinique, because it's the place where there are presumably martinis. I have yet to really enjoy drinking a martini, but I think if there's anywhere I could, it'd be Martinique.

Things are OK. There's a wacky amount of shows coming up. There's a rad show tonight at a skate shop/indoor park called Adrift where a buncha punkers are punking hardcorely. It's a benefit for a radio show called Equalizing Distort on CIUT 89.5 sundays from 9-12, or 10-12. I don't remember exactly when. Is good show.

Then tomorrow I'll be doing a set at a free show at the poor alex upstairs. It starts at 9:30 and I should be there every week. Please come and have fun. Last week Boyd Banks did a hilarious set. I was supposed to play a show with him at the Drake yesterday but it weirdly fell through. Rest assured that he entertains.

On wednesday I'm gonna either host and joke or do a one long set at Rancho Relaxo at a poker-themed, band-filled, PWYC show. It'll be fun too.

Then thursday is Joke Club at the Drake. I'll put up the flyer in a couple of days.

Friday Brutal Knights play at Clinton's with tonz o rad bands.

But enough of this boring listing off of upcoming events. You sit at your computer, and what you're really wondering aboot is how I am doing and if I am funny.
Well, to answer the first question, I'm doing well, but that's only because I ate pretzels with mustard earlier today, and then went for a walk. Am I funny?
Only if you consider hilarious things to be funny. Do you? Please support my one-man scene. And Oh my god, it's sad that Mitch Hedberg died. It's also sad that Neil Young had a braineurysm. Other sad thing is that only the woes of the famous sadden me.