Saturday, March 05, 2005

Today is Saturday. In an hour, I'll probably be postering portions of this city, hoping to attract folk to Joke Club. However, I feel as if the image used in the Joke Club flyer was altered a little bit and looks much worse than the original. Davida Nemeroff, who took the picture, seems to think so as well. You be the judge. Here is the Joke Club flyer:

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and here's the original(note the intended look is the cover of Patti Smith's Horses):

Image hosted by
I love the original, that's all I know. hope you come to Joke club.

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Anonymous said...

Herro. That picture makes me want to binge on 2 litres of chocolate pudding then subsequently purge it all over my naked body by inserting my index figer leisurely down my throat.

PS: Why'd you ditch me sunday you bitch?