Thursday, March 24, 2005

Sweden: not a real country

Yeah, sorry guys, but Sweden isn't real. It's a false country that was invented by Jim Henson so that the Swedish chef would have a background. All that history and stuff was created by noted imagineer J. Henson. Then he was injected with pneumonia so that he would never share the terrible secret. But enough about secrets. Let's talk shows!!! There are three between now and next wednesday.

Show the first:
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Show the second occurs on monday, March 26th. I am performing at The Side Show, which is a new show that Jared Sales(who also does the monthly live comedy digest Canker) has come up with. It's PWYC, at the Oasis, the lineup includes me, Daryn Mcintyre, The Distractions, The Gurg and more. It starts at 930.

Show the third also occurs at the oasis, on march 28th. Check it:

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I need to conserve my finger strength. See you dudes soon.

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