Friday, January 14, 2005

Randy Mann, ultimate playa

Randy Mann went to the sto' one day and bought some rubbers. He then used them all over town, this way and that, on all kinds of people and things. The law of averages caught up with him eventually, and he knocked some poor dame up. Luckily, she won a million dollars in the lottery the day after. Unluckily, the child she had with Randy grew up to be mean and odd-smelling. That child was...COMEDY

Speaking of comedy, I have comedy this upcoming week. Last week and this past monday's recent foray into joking at the Rivoli and Gladstone hotel, respectively, promises to be almost repeated. Similar to some of the jokes told. Here are the dates. Bring a date.

SUNDAY JANUARY 16th. I'll be rocking the OLD YORK TAVERN 3rd ANNIVERSARY BRO-HO-HO-HOEDOWN alongside other laffmongers. It starts at 9, and is free. I hope they give me a special drink that gets me 'iced'.

MONDAY JANUARY 17th I'll be making my 3rd or 4th appearance since 2002 at the weekly ALT DOT COMEDY LOUNGE at the RIVOLI. ALL CAPS. It's PWYC and I think I'm on last, so show up anytime between 9 and 1045 and you shan't miss my stupid act.

THURSDAY, JANUARY 20th I'll be at the DRAKE HOTEL at a "Live literary magazine" called The Pontiac Quarterly, quite potentially reading one of my world famous erotic stories, and perhaps adding a brand new one.

FRIDAY, JANUARY 21st I'll be rocking the OASIS as part of Jared Sales and Daryn McCintyre's CANKER night. It's PWYC as well, and other funnies are on the bill. I may have other shows that night, but nothing's set in stone.

SUNDAY, JANUARY 23RD I'm at Clinton's as part of goodie bag TV. It's $5 and will be video'd, so sneak in some boos.

JOKE CLUB at the DRAKE is TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 8th. Great acts are promised. Varied and scary acts will party there. It'll be at 8 PM SHARP, maybe earlier. Updates pending.

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