Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Malt Comedy Lounge

Ho there! This blog is killing me, because looking at computer screens probably causes cancer, as does looking at or eating red meat. I do all three of those things so I guess I'm "flucked", as a creative or Canadian rapper might put it. So, remember my shows this week:

THURSDAY JAN 20@ Drake Hotel, 8PM I am performing as part of the Pontiac Quarterly. It's $10 and proceeds go to disaster relief.

FRIDAY JAN 21@ Oasis as part of Canker, alongside loads of great comics, many of whom are from Calgary because it is this lady Megan Fraser's birthday. The price is PWYC.It'll be fun.

So far this week has been alright. Performed at the Alt Comedy Lounge this monday, and it was a cold night. For some reason I really wasn't in the mindset where I could watch the other comics' acts, although I did catch a surprise performance from Sean Cullen that was pretty clever. The guy who went on a couple of spots before me was so comically gay that it seemed impossible that he was. He seemed to have brought most of the audience too, and they loved it when he called himself a 'size queen'.
Then he came backstage and asked if my belly was fake. I would have asked if his effeminate vocal affectation was fake, but that retort came to me two days later and I have no time machine, unless you count my father's eyes(they contain past regrets).
Aside from that, the show was fine, but not too alty.

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