Saturday, January 22, 2005


Did you know there was a shoddy Anchorman rip-off southern rap comedy movie named Crunkerman? I didn't either, until I concocted the lie that there was a movie with that name. I had a late night yesterday, and today I feel gross. As well, Toronto is being blanketed with a thick layer of cold snow. As well, I have to be up early tomorrow. This means no partying tonight. Denying me the right to party is similar to denying a depressed person shoelaces. Meaning, it happens when I'm in the hospital.

The Pontiac Quarterly was cool. A fellow read his take on a series of photographs of Susan Sontag, and among other fun appearances, Lisa Gabriel read. It was kinda thrilling to just pop up in between them all. I even got to read an erotic story.

We have a show with Illuminati soon. Here's the poster:

The comedy show I said I'd be playing on sunday isn't happening, by the way.

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