Thursday, December 23, 2004

So L'Afterparty occurs this evening. I could be a bit comedically sloppy, but on the other hand, it will be a fun time. I'll share a secret with all of you blog-readers: I have no planned DJ. I forgot to get one. I think I'll just put on a Son Seals CD--he just died and it's at a blues bar. Anyway, here's an informal set list for the show tonight:

945: Introductory notes.

950: jokes

10 PM: Deborah Robinson

1015: Musical surprise!

1030: James Marshall

1050: Andre Skinner

1110: Tim Nasiopolous

1130: Bicycles

12: Flanagan

1230: Surprise band!

The surprise band is this dude Dylan Goodhue's band. Dan Burke arranged that they would play. Now he's trying to get this act called Boy Ballz, who I really know very little about, to play--and I'm not that stoked about it. Anyway, here are some lyrics to the newest Brutal Knights song 'self-gay handjob', which concerns the inherent homosexuality of self-satisfaction . I'll have Flanagan T-Shirts & pins available at the show, and there will also be Brutal Knights live at CIUT cds for$5.


I gayly frisk my crotch five plus seven times a week
bravely play with gender roles by overdoing myself

self-gay handjob
is the best job
self-gay handjob
is a messy job
but somebody's gotta do it

my friends say it is bad to do
I say 'look in the mirror, you'
I myself look in the mirror while jerking
to make sure I get treated right
I am top and I am bottom
self-abuse gets me through depressing autumn

self-gay handjob
I need a rest job
self-gay handjob
is a depressy job
but somebody's gotta do it


Anonymous said...

,but you should hear the Boy Ballz. They are stunning. Its simple, just go to their site. Fuck Boyz and Bump and Grind are the best tunes.

Anonymous said...

Yes, I actually somehow procured a Boy Ballz CD and mayhaps will be reviewing it. It reminds me of my old guitarist's band Slit Slot.