Wednesday, December 08, 2004

It's Wednesday night. I'm at home. This is wonderful, but I don't know how long it will last. So the second edition of Joke Club occurred yesterday, and with a paid attendance of 15, the night had certain depressing elements. Even so, I thought a lot of the comedians had good material and were funny, and that Becky Johnson's job as my fact-checker was well done, especially considering how little preparation I gave her to work with. Mike Balazo's turn as Oliver Christmas was also very funny, as was my old bro-in-arms Tim Nasiopolous and his greeky ways. Still, I would love it if people would start going to some of these events, as they are fun. I'll try to make them funner. How can they be funner? Should I even bother having a L'Afterparty on December 23rd? Will anybody go? The lineup is looking good so far, with three musical acts, me, and three comedy makers.

Tomorrow I think I'll write some new material and perform it at the Hot Box Cafe. Then I will indulge in some freelance writing. I'm trying to save money to get to California in February, and it's tough. Once I get my plane ticket I'll feel a bit more relaxed, but until then I am a nervous nelly. Monday the 13th I am playing at the gladstone hotel, and then the 18th Brutal Knights is playing at Cinecyle with numerous ramjammers, to use a phrase my friend Daniella used before I did.

Played a bunch of shows last week. That's probably why nobody showed at Jokey Club. Probably not, actually---considering one of them had about 10 people, the other featured me as minor player, a third was an unattended open mic, and the fourth one was at a full Oasis. One might say I shot my load there, performing for about a half hour, but at the same time it wasn't to an overabundance of people. Oh well. I'll figure this out one day. Although I wish I didn't have to, and had somebody booking shows that would draw people who haven't seen me before but would like me.

Special thanks go to Dan Goodman and Steve Rees, who came from PA just to make sixty dollars and be treated apathetically by people who comedians consider 'hipsters', but I prefer to consider 'the bored,drunk or stoned'. They spent one night at casa Flan, and what can I say but 'now everything reeks'.

Comments or questions? Abortion views?


Anonymous said...

hey nick,

if you have a laffterparty on the eve of Christmas eve, I will definitely go, and bring some friends with me. so please have one! I would have gone to your joke "clubs" had I not been in Montreal.


Anonymous said...

Nick, I shall attend on the 23rd and bring with me heaps of Christmas cheer. :)

Flans said...

Sweet! I'll bring the yuley yuks and the canadian tire money.