Sunday, December 19, 2004

I No Understand

I'm listening to an MP3 of a Bill Hicks show I've never heard before. It's totally 'larious(I think you know what I mean). It's got lots of stuff I've heard on it, but sometimes he took on exactly the right tone and phrased things in such a good way that you can't help but look past the fact that it's comedy from the 1980s.

The show we played last night was fairly cool. We played alright, but guitarist Jon's gear was constantly getting unplugged--a frustrating thing. Other guitarist Katie held it down enough though. Cinecycle is a decent enough venue, but we could have used better sound. Who can't use better sound, I ask you? Booker Dan Burke showed up and we played our song about him while he went on to everybody around him about Boy Ballz, the band that plays the silver dollar monday who he is cashing all his chips on. If only he had faith in L'Afterparty...

I'm interviewing my comedian friend Gilson Lubin in a short while, and am brutally trying to come up with questions. I'm still not dressed, wearing my bathrobe and feeling hungover from the weekend. I drink beer, but it feels like it's melting my stomach and throat when I drink it. Is that normal? I passed a gas that smelled for twenty minutes. Come to l'afterparty thursday. Bring pals. Do you want to DJ?

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