Saturday, December 25, 2004


I'm eating an orange and banana right now. My parents are letting me eat from their cupboard as a Christmas present. I find this very generous, especially considering that one of them is Jewish. So far here is my Christmas gift tally:

from god: a good night's sleep

I also got two pieces of Garfield paraphenelia and a dvd. This afternoon we're heading somewhere to eat turkey. I like turkey.
Thanks to everybody who came by to L'Afterparty. I basically had a shitty time. Somebody left a bra. Dan Burke's performance was the most memorable thing. The set I did at the end was the least memorable thing, Happy xmas?

I've decided to elaborate on what I thought of L'Afterparty. First of all, I was very pleased with the turnout. It was wonderful. Also, The Bicycles, Andre Skinner, 4th Pyramid and all the comedians were all cool and good. I basically hate MCing--although I think I did an alright job at tit. I also hate that I had to pay a band Dan booked who were totally unecessary to the night. They were fine, but when they asked to go on earlier than I wanted, I capitulated and allowed them to; I did this because I am a pushover. By the time they finished, everybody I knew had left. Then I did a comedy set and nobody cared. I also had four shitty and drunk hecklers who were brutal at heckling(saying things a la 'oh my god! that doesn't even make SENSE!?!' to cringingly punctuate my jokes) and much less funny than me, which is depressing. I lost what faith I had in my set that night and cut it short. Plus, I made less money at the show than I would have if I'd agreed to play somebody else's show. I hate to whine, but I'm just starting to worry about having funds at the ready for this tour. I wish I had another skill so I could just stop doing this. And by 'this', I mean blogging. What happened to the people who said they would come but didn't? I'm not trying to complain to you for not going. There were just a couple of people I was hoping to see, who it seems couldn't make it. If you were playing with a dog instead of going to this show, then that is a fine reason not to have gone.

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