Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Super Wednesday!

Joke Club tonight! I shittily MC. Talented folk will perform. It should be a blizast. I'm writing reviews in a mad hectic stylee 'write' now, and it's driving me nutso-bonkers. Why have I not seen the film Sgt.Kabukiman, NYPD yet? I cannot believe I call myself a cineaste and don't have that on my watched-movie resume. I have also added difficult-to-read show listing to what is technically known as 'the sidebar' of this blog, but which I refer to as 'the left part'. Maybe one day I'll learn the internet code and be able to make the left part look wonderful, but not today, misters.

I saw Zeke last night--guitarist and singer Blind Marky Felchtone rocked a shirt of my old band and shouted us out. That was cool! Then I drank four beers and had a shot of jagermeister and went home and dry heaved and shat.

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