Wednesday, November 03, 2004

Partying Down or Downwardly Partying?

Sorry about the lack of posting lately. I've been busily celebrating the Bush win with all my pals back in my hometown of Alberta. We've just been driving a tank up and down Edmonton's main drag and trying to find the easiest way to secede from Canada, and join our down-homehunter-gatherer patriot idols south of the border. We think the easiest way is to fart it up at the same time and get kicked out of the country for having a province that smells. No, but seriously, isn't it great that Bush got in? I really think it will force people to act more. And I'm right--a guy KILLED HIMSELF to make a point that it's shitty that Bush won. It's actually going to be interesting to see how people take this victory; as an impetus to act out and protest even more, or as a crushing defeat that necessitates a willful ignorance of politics for the next few years. I'm certainly going to follow the latter path, which is extremely lame considering the election has little do with me.

Anyway, I wasn't really in Alberta last week. I was in Montreal and it was fun. I'm learning a lot about buses due to my visits there. The bagels are good in Montreal.
Brutal Knights have played some shows in the last little while. Last week we killed it at Wavelength, as did Fucked Up, who were "pumpkin-riffic". We dressed as Slipknot. Find pics at

The next day we played at the Horseshoe with the Soledad Brothers, American friends who were very depressed the following day due to election horror. The show was good though and they rocked and we kinda rocked too. Our single's coming out soon.
Then last night we played at Dovercourt House for our friend Sian's birthday. It was really really fun. Good times. The show at Tim Sims Playhouse went well too. I hadn't played there before, and had an extremely pratfallish entrance and exit. I slid underneath the curtain in a snakelike fashion once my name was announced, and when I said goodbye I tripped over the mic cord and knocked the mic to the ground, but then it righted itself. Weird stuff. Knock Knock Who's There? Comedy! were great, too. They are four hilarity owners.

So many shows coming up, but the big one is Joke Club on November 10th, this coming wednesday.
Iron Cobra
Katie Crown
Mack Lawrenz
Sara Hennesy
Mack Lawrenz
Makesi Arthur

MC Flanagan
Here's the flyer:

I'll try to be more swift with "BLOGGING" in the future. I know you miss these needless words of mine.

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