Tuesday, November 23, 2004

I Am On The Internet. Are you? probably yes

Again I find myself here in Montreal, listening to the constant whistles of the many French here. Why do they whistle so much? They must have a song in their hearts. That song is called "Fuck America". What is your song called?
Mine is called "Teen Sex". Here are the lyrics:

So many people pressured into premature intercourse
whether it's from uncle, boyfriend or butler
it's a good thing
it makes you more mature

have teen sex
have it everywhere
you won't enjoy it
but it will teach you
you will learn of birds and bees
if you do it
so do it

repeat verse 1


Anonymous said...

All your song lyrics sound like they've
been translated from another language using
a computer program. I love it!

Please please tell me now:
Are you going to be doing any shows
between December 22 - January 2?

-Rebecca Y.
virginity: no

Flans said...

Looks like there might be a christmas l'afterparty at the silver dollar december 23...