Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Feelin' Like a Snail In the Ocean

Tuesday's gone with the wind, and now we are at wednesday. What a great weekday. Maybe even the best one, because friday is too much of an abrupt transition from work to play, although I can't say I have much personal experience with a routine like that. For me, monday is like tuesday in terms of workload, and saturday is like thursday. It's confusing and not worth elaborating on. This past week has been busy and fast, but not as much as I would have liked it to be. I went to a mod party on friday and all I can say is 'yeah baby!!?'.

Did some comedy last night at the Gladstone Hotel. Comedy is the most joyless thing. Although I saw a guy who was fairly funny, so that was a plus. I don't want to boff him but I appreciate funniness. The other joyless thing beyond comedy that is happening in my life is that the song Don't Call Me White by NOFX is playing on my computer right now. NOFX make me understand the phrase 'snotty'.

Brutal Knights' show with Illuminati went well. The aforementioned band(as well as Goat Horn) rocked well, and I took my shirt off, which made people in the crowd less fat and more randy. It looks like we'll be playing with my friends BBQ and King Khan in January around Ontario so that is some exciting shit. And of course this saturday Brutal Knights rocks Clinton's alongside Bayonettes, Career Suicide, Sick Fits and another band whose name is being forgotten by me as I speak to you, and it's $5.
And of course tonight I MC a show that's pay what you can at Sneaky Dee's. Here's the lineup:
Piney Wolves
No Dynamics

Go go go! It starts at 9.

Tomorrow BK open up for the Constantines in Sudbury. I hope our payment is a giant nickel. The next Joke Club is tuesday december 7. It will be vainglorious.

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Anonymous said...

you as kennedy by way of britain was maybe the funniest thing i've ever had the pleasure of witnessing!