Friday, November 12, 2004

Chingy's new record and the sociopolitical ramifications of his self-induced exile from Ludacris' Disturbing Tha Peace crew

Today I'm watching more stuff to review, sending out emails and waiting for my friend to come back so we can finish the last details of this Teen Crud Combo LP that's finally coming out. It's so ludicrous to be putting out an unknown band's small amount of tunes four years after we broke up, but at least pals around the world have been keeping our name out there amongst at least four people. Joke Club went well the other night. It should turn out to be a pretty rad event. Hopefully next time will be both more rad and more funny. Makesi Arthur and Sara Hennesey were the highlights of the night for me, but he always is. Props must also go to my faux sister Val Flanagan. If this all seems like "inside talk" to you, then perhaps you should have gone and would now be getting all the arcane references I am making as you read this.

I'm playing a free show at the gladstone with some fun enough comics on monday. It's gonna be OK times, I'm sure of it. Actually, somewhat sure.

I need to wash my pants.

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