Tuesday, October 05, 2004

They Used To Call Me Fatso, Now They Call Me Castro

I have a meeting in a few minutes. It concerns this DVD I've got to make. Last night I was tossing and turning, wondering and worrying, hoping the damn things turns out awesome. I think I've recovered from the mindfuck I felt over the weekend, but not totally. I got my pathetic paycheque yesterday, put it in my bank account, and somehow had been docked like $35 by my bank. What the fuck? Lately I've been making myself feel down by believing in Worthington's Law--your value as a person is equal to how much money you have. So right now as a person, I'm worth about as much as day-old donuts. On the bright side, I'm not moldy.

Again, Montreal was alright. Did a couple of comedy sets before controller.controller and Jake Fairley, and I guess the crowd slightly turned on me. All the bands seemed to enjoy me being around, even if I did accidentally wind up with a wristband that belonged to Magneta Lane. I ran into Nardwuar a couple of times on the trip--that was cool, and his collection of interviews he showed reminded me that you can be treated like an asshole for a long time, but eventually all that matters is what you have produced. I don't know why, but Montreal left me feeling humourless. I need joke botox.

Shows: Thursday at Planet Kensington with Jon Rae and The River. free

Friday: L'AFTERPARTY at Rancho Relaxo,PWYC, with DJ Dave(Shit La Merde), Animal Monster, The Midways, Me, Gilson Lubin, Jared Sales etc etc etc...I sent out a big email about this and forgot to write the venue down. Gah! I haven't advertised this L'Afterparty very well at all...hopefully people go.


Anonymous said...

don't worry nick, according to worthington's law, you're still better than van gogh.

that guy made nothing!


Anonymous said...

ear's to you

Anonymous said...

Hey Sissy glasses man.... I miss breaking house with you... good to see you are still a funny man.