Sunday, October 17, 2004

Team America:World Police Is More Enjoyable Than Listening To The Black Crowes

Yes, it's true. I saw the picture earlier today, and laughed. Funny songs and funny puppet movement, and some funny lines. Good times, especially if you enjoyed Orgazmo and Baseketball. The scene I found funniest involves panthers. From what I could tell it wasn't better than the South Park movie. And celebs get brutalised. Yesterday I watched Stoked: The Rise and Fall of Gator, and enjoyed it. I didn't learn or get a boner, but it creeped me out and frustrated me, which are the same sensations I get from both learning and bonering, so it basically was the same, except longer.

I just listed a bunch of upcoming shows in the post below. So none of that show talk, did this week ever go differently than I expected it to. I didn't go to or perform at one Neil Hamburger show this week, and he was touring through my area. Disappointing, but hopefully I'll see him soon. And yes, if you've been following my tale--I was indeed too broke to go play his show in Montreal saturday night. That fact made me sad. I was considering trying to catch him in Hamilton today, but had no ride.

I really have nothing to write now. Here is some more lyrics:


Why does everything cost too much?
I always have to borrow money
just to buy premium zigs
stupid stupid bad society
anarchy, right now, today

shoes cost too much
music cost too much
acne treatment cost too much

Why do travel costing money?
Price of gas so high it's funny
doobie prices are through the roof
look at my receipt, it's proof
anarchy, right now, today

shoes...too much

I am always on the guest list
but drinks at bar still cost too much
why does everything cost too much?
I can't understand why everything costs too much


Anonymous said...

You know when you're reading something online and then you click a link and then another link and another one and the next thing you know, you're lost on some weird website somewhere?

Imagine my surprise when said website turns out to be a blog written by the only virgin I've ever had. :P

Hi Nick.

Flans said...

I've been had!

Anonymous said...

You have been had! Been quite a while though, you still have pointy hips? :P

Flans said...

My hips are still a little pointy.