Wednesday, October 13, 2004

So Fat

Thought I'd drop another Brutal Knights song on y'all, then talk a little bit about a thing we all know and love called "life", and then about a thing I at least know and love called "shows I'm playing".


I'm so stupid, stupid
so stupid for eating bad food
jerky, tacquitos
sev-elev shopping spree
nothing is free

I get so fat
too fucking fat

nothing is free
I eat pieces of shit for breakfast
it adds to waistline and I weep
girls still want to fuck around
but I look like a creep

I get so fat
too fucking fat

There you have it! So fat!!! So true?!?
Thanks to everybody who came out to L'Afterparty. Many the person represented. Not much money was made but the turnout was good, and the comedians all did a great job. Thanks to Gilson Lubin, Joe Ross, Deborah Robinson, Mack Lawrenz, Jared Sales and Daryn Mcintyre for comedically being funny. And thanks to Animal Monster for basically being the star of the night. He was awesome. I still have his discman. And DJ Shit La Merde ruled too. Go see him spin tunez october 29th at Sneaky Dee's, if you dareth. Lots of friends represented to come see me at the show, as did my sister. I can't wait til the next one--the Xmas L'Afterparty at the Silver Dollar. Yes!

Other shows coming right up:

October 27-MCing the Unicorns show at the Vatikan with Noah23, Besnard Lakes and All Purpose Voltage Heroes. It's $8, All ages(so bring your kid) and doors are at 7:30. I'll put whoever gives me a costume idea I use on the guest list. Or will I?

October 31-Brutal Knights, Fucked Up, Corpusse and Awesome at Sneaky Dee's for Wavelength. PWYC...we're playing at 1030.

November 1-Brutal Knights opening up for Detroit's Soledad Brothers at the Horseshoe. This should be a fun party, and if you want on the guest list just let me know.

November 4th--I'll be opening up for Knock Knock Who's There Comedy alongside Laurie Elliott at the Tim Sims theatre at King and...I dunno, Peter? Wherever the second city building is.

November 10th: I'm MCing a new monthly comedy show at the drake called Joke Club. So far the only confirmed guest is Makesi Arthur. So go. Also, Moosehead pitchers for somewhere between $11-$13. Possible other acts: sketch group Iron Cobra, Knock Knock Who's There's Katie Crown doing standup, and the videogame jokes of Mack Lawrenz--and more!

November 13th: Brutal Knights with Illuminati at The El Mocambo! The first time a band I'm in has played the el mo since Dan Burke stopped booking there. Exciting! Make this your saturday!

November 20th: BK with Sick Fits and The Bayonettes at the Oasis--Also make THIS your saturday.

There are more shows beyond that, including a date in Sudbury with the Constantines and Ottawa and Montreal shows with Sick Fits, and the Montreal one featuring Sunday Sinners at Casa, but I don't have the dates handy.

As well, I was supposed to be in New York today, playing with the Paper Bag showcase at CMJ, but one of the label founders recently left and they decided against having my comedy at the show. Not a big deal because I'm broke, but that's where I would rather be. If anybody has good leads on shows to play on the east USA coast with comedy in november and december, let a wigga know. Also, my brokeness leads me to be scared of not being able to play in Montreal on saturday with Neil Hamburger at Casa Del Popolo, even though I really want to. He's playing on thursday in Toronto, and I want you to go to that in town because he's funny.

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