Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Quit That Tom"failure"oolery!

I noticed that this week in my "blog" has been a bit whiny. Not good! Honestly, aren't most people whining so much to themselves that it's extra-annoying to hear somebody whine so others can hear? I don't know, but I'll continue to whine if need be. You should too. If everybody spent more time whining about things and less time blowing things up(meaning, motivate themselves into doing something about what they were whining about) then the world would be a better, less exploding place.

Actually, this week has been a bit trying, if only because I've been working toward a few shows that are coming in the next few days(which I'll get to in a hot second--can you believe I'd love it if you went?!?), and the added fact that there's been a lot of bad news coming my about friends and relatives, and Rodney Dangerfield. I haven't been in the laughingest mood, but that's all the more reason to "get laughy". Which I will do. Tomorrow. I also need to relocate somewhere else. I need a long vacation from this hometown of mine. This means I must save, which could be accomplished with more ease if I had more funds, which I must find a way to get. Hmm. My index finger is on my chin as I think over the nuts and bolts of getting money.

Anyway, I am still kind of bummed out about sad stuff, and need some sleep, so I'm going to go. But PLEASE. Check out L'Afterparty on October 8th at Rancho Relaxo--it's PWYC, but free with stamps from other shows. Although I would like money, because I have to go to CMJ to do comedy next week, and I have little money to pay for it. But L'Afterparty will be fun stuff. As will tomorrow's show at Planet Kensington(and the Hot Box Cafe before that)--the PK show is with Jon-Rae and the River. Plus I just found out I'll be doing a set on November 4th with Knock Knock Who's There Comedy at Tim Sims theatre as part of their two-night stand. And organising and MCing a fun night called Joke Club at the Drake on November 10th, where pitchers will be cheap, believe it or not.

So there you go. Now get out there and party down until your balls or vulva hurts too much for you to continue partying. Then sleep.

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