Sunday, October 03, 2004

Les Jokes

Today I've been in Montreal, and still am going to been for the next couple of hours. I'm leaving here in two hours. Pop Montreal has been alright--but I have received no free beer and seen no shows but the one I played with the Paper Bag crew on friday (which went well enough, although this version of France took my mild mention of Expos mascot Youi in the reverse of stride),and the Kool Keith/ DJ Vadim show yesterday, the latter of which almost drove me to suicide. KK didn't play until 2 AM, and finished around 315--completely wrecking any of my plans for the evening. And if I ever hear the name DJ Vadim again, I hope it's in the context of his music being banned under new communism--he was fine, but was forced to play for far too long in order to make time for Kool Keith to get there.
Keith is one of my favourite rappers, so he pretty much can do no wrong in my book;also, I got in for free, so had a different perspective on the show than others. He spent as much time talking in between songs about 'ass lickers vs pussy lickers' than he did busting out shortened, one verse takes on songs of his both obscure and not. But he cleared the packed room by halfway through his set, and when he finished up with a quick encore of Poppa Large and said "This is Kool Keith's last appearance--I'm retired now.", he was greeted with almost as many boos as cheers. Montreal did not seem amused. But they rarely really do. Or should I say 'doo doo'? Maybe.

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