Thursday, October 21, 2004

I like culture

I am a cultured man. What I just said is so true; you have no idea how cultured I can be when I turn on my everflowing culture faucet. My cutlery-handling skills makes the great Noel Coward look like a drunk caveman. Dinner repartee of mine is akin to combining the voice of God with the taste of finest Swedish chocolate. After dinner we recline Roman-style upon plush couches the likes of which have never been made yet, and I dole out back and hand massages that have been known to reverse the aging process, sometimes even to babyish levels. Let me be your butler.

More BK lyrics:


Hanging out on doobs, coke and meth
Late at night drinking wine from shoes
Barfing out a disgusting mess
Fell downstairs and got a bruise

it's not fun to be like me dude
it's really fucking stupid
not fun to be wasted and dumb
it's stupid

Hanging out...bruise
Went to the fancy restaurant and ordered calimari
Got food poisoning, chef says he's sorry

it's not...stupid

So I have a show tomorrow, Friday October 22 at Thymeless on College and Augusta. It's $3 and I'm doing a set at Doing It To Death, a night of good-times music. You should go. Why don't you?

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Anonymous said...

Cultured, you say? I have to do the swanky thing for my swanky job, it gets a little tiring. When are you playing tonight? Mayhaps I shall check out the show.