Wednesday, October 27, 2004


I opened up for the Unicorns the other day, at known industrial goth bar The Vatikan. I dressed as Weird Al Yankovic. I hope somebody took a picture. It was packed, all the bands were good, and enough of the audience liked my jokes to make me happy. I really like telling my damn jokes. So please don't try and stop me. Actually, do. Conflict makes the world go round. I have so many shows coming up but no energy to tell you of them. Brutal Knights sunday and monday. Comedy next thursday.

Oh yeah, here's some more from my tour diary.


We left for Baltimore after a night of severe partying down in New York, and the trip was long and costly, with tolls galore draining our limited coffers at every opportunity. I was wearing my Fred Perry white tennis shorts and a pink short sleeve T. We followed Mapquest's directions to the city in search of my friend Eunice's sister Joyce, whom we were stayting with.
Baltimore is a city I have grown fond of without visiting, thanks to John Waters and TV shows like Homicide, The Wire and Oz. This would be my last show with Hamburger, and his type of crowd changed from city to city. Providence brought no crowd, New York brought hip crowds, and Boston brought smart Hamburger fans. But before worrying too much about the show itself, we began to worry about Baltimore itself. Unfortunately, Mapquest isn't classist, and so our path to Joyce's house took us through housing projects that were straight off of the grittiest representations of Baltimore-bunker-style housing that looked the same from block to block, clothes drying on traffic islands, and broken pay phones. We couldn't find Joyce's house and I had neglected to retrieve her phone number, so I couldn't call her. Would we be trapped in Baltimore? To be continued.

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