Sunday, September 05, 2004

These salad days haven't been properly washed and are covered in grainy dirt and shitty tasting dreams and expectations

So I'm listening to the new Terror Squad album right now. I'm not sure about this Fat Joe character. Not the finest rapper in the land. Especially in the looks department.
This weekend I passed up a totally rad trip to a cottage(what would have been my first such trip of the year), but my choice to stay has so far paid off this weekend.

Thursday set a nice precedent. My friend Kristy decided to move to England, and so her friend Carissa organised a suprise show for her at the Silver Dollar, with me MCing and performances from Jim Guthrie and a Ramones cover band. It was a total blast and Kristy seemed to be happy that the show was occuring. Mass partying occurred then and thereafter, into the wee hours. I didn't boff myself that night.

Friday I did nothing but watch a half-episode of the Sopranos, rebuff a cottage invite, and catch the last 25 minutes of Rocky IV. They should have called it 'Rocky HIV', because it is death-inducing in its stupidity. And it shouldn't exist. Nonetheless, I felt like a better American having watched it. Am Canadian though.

Yesterday was fine times, because my friend Andre got married on Ward's Island, so I took the ferry over around 8 and walked into a very fun reception in the closest thing to woodland I've been near since the time I saw a picture of Paris Hilton's vadge, which was earlier today. And right now too. I drank and I ate and made merry and congratulated the couple, and then we drank at this bar called the Rhino. Fly Like An Eagle began to play within the confines of the bar, and I was so happy because no song has more meaningful lyrics than that particular choice cut of '70 grade A prime beef.

Then today I went on a picnic, and at the moment should be working on stuff for NOW but am vaguely putting it off. Here's some shows I will play soon:

Monday, September 6--Gladstone Hotel, free. At 10PM alongside comedians like Sarah Hennesey and Mike Balazo for Mack Lawrenz' birthday.

Thursday, September 9--Gladstone Hotel, Gentlemenfest, a ladyfest fundraiser featuring Femme Generation, The Pauls and MC'd by yours truly.

Wednesday, September 15--Doing some time at Mike Sheer's comedy room @ Hooch, above Gypsy Co-Op circa 10 PM. It's free and fun.

Friday, September 17--Performing at Canker with Jared Sales & Daryn Mcintyre, Joseph Ross, Makesi Arthur and more. PWYC and it'll definitely be a fun eve.

Wednesday, September 29--Cafe May with Sarah Hennesey and others. It's located at Roncesvalles and Dundas and will be free or PWYC.

Thursday, September 30th--MCing the Paper Bag Records Anniversary show at a venue TBA, with acts Jake Fairley, The Uncut, Magneta Lane and more.

Friday October 1--MCing the Paper Bag Showcase at Pop Montreal. More info TBA.

Friday October 8--L'Afterparty 3--the charity edition. How better to celebrate 'the month of Satan', also known as'October', than to give the proceeds to my huge comedic blowout to charity? There is no better way. I've done tests and there just isn't. This one will be at Rancho Relaxo again.

And this month hopefully I'll make some serious headway in getting my August 25
L'Afterparty performance edited for it's upcoming DVD release. It was a 35 minute tour de farce so hopefully I'll have a good product for all of you who will want to see this shit.

Does anybody want me to write more recollections of that July tour?

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i'm always interested in your recollections.