Sunday, September 19, 2004

Sunday is the name I gave it in bold, because it's the only day I really feel no guilt over sitting around and not working. Well, maybe not no guilt, but less guilt.
I took it easy last night, and feel good today because of that. Not going out on saturday nights is sometimes the best feeling of all time, next to a "little death".

Hey, check out the fan page somebody made for my friends in Knock Knock Who's There!'s such an honor for them.
I really need to learn how to properly blizog.

Did some comedy this week. Wednesday I lost a notebook that had some new jokes in it, so I did some vintage material at Hooch that I hadn't performed for a couple of years.
It was kickass, though. I had a blast. Then I played Canker on Friday, which was fun as usual. I did like four minutes of new material and then told the audience to 'lick my comedic balls' and stopped le set. Some guy from an independant U of T newspaper interviewed me using his cell phone as a mic. Canker is apparently gonna move soon, but it consistently has some pretty fun comics and a chaotic but worthy vibe. All should attend. After Canker I went to see the Sadies at their CD Release show at the Horseshoe, and they were seemingly wrapping up their set. The house music came on and I was in a state of disappointment at having missed the dudes. But then Dallas came out and announced that they'd be doing a whole other set, accompanied by Rick White and Greg Keelor--and they did. It was grandly heavy. I had a wicked time. The album is real sweet as well.

So for those keeping score on my upcoming comedyings, here they are:

Monday, Sept.20--Gladstone Hotel--I'll be doing 5 minutes or so at Mack Lawrenz' open mic.

Wednesday, Sept. 29--Cafe May on Roncesvalles--PWYC--I'll be doing a set at "Old shoe" comedy.

Thursday, Sept. 30--Paper Bag Records Anniversary show at Lee's Palace--$10I'll be doing mad jokes throughout the night, in between sets by The Uncut, Jake Fairley, Magneta Lane and Controller.controller.

Friday Oct.1--Playing at Pop Montreal with the Paper Bag gang.

Friday Oct.8--L'Afterparty, featuring Me and Gilson Lubin doing long sets, DJ Chico providing tunes, and appetizer sized stand-up appearances by Joe Ross, Makesi Arthur, Deborah Robinson, Jared Sales, Mack Lawrenz, Daryn Mcintyre and more. PWYC--half the proceeds are gonna go to an animal charity...does anybody know of a worthy animal charity besides the humane society?

Wednesday, Oct.13--At CBGB's in New York with Paper Bag as part of CMJ.

Friday, Oct.15--In Montreal opening for Neil Hamburger, hopefully.

Brutal Knights might be playing with Career Suicide a week today at Planet Kensington. And we're coming to montreal and ottawa on November 26 and 27.

Finally, I just wanted to say that I picked up the Don Rickles album Hello, Dummy! and it is a must-have. Hilarity at the expense of all ethnicities. He is funnier and balder than me.

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Pweeze call me. Don't e-mail me at work. I am no longer employed. We can play this week if you want. I am free because I am jobless.