Sunday, September 26, 2004


I'm back for some sunday internettery. I mean, I'm on the internet at other times, too, but most of the time I'm too 'occupied' to do this autobiographical BS. Anyway, it's actually monday now, and I just finished up writing some CD reviews that will hopefully wind up in NOW. I'm sick of shitty tunes, and I had to listen to many. Although the next batch of stuff I have to review contains some hard metal, so maybe I'll like that.

I was in Montreal last week, so apologies for not dropping some bon mots on thy asses. I was too busy vacationing. It was rad. I got to see the giant cross on top of the mountain up close and personal. Next time I go(which is next week) I plan on visiting the insectarium/botanical garden/bio dome--it's a very exciting thing for me, made all the more exciting by the fact my five year old U of T ID will hopefully earn me some sort of discount getting in. While in Montreal, I kept thinking it and Toronto were tied in terms of being fun, but maybe Montreal actually is more fun. I don't know. I'll need to have an acid trip there and then one in Toronto. Then I'll tell you.

I have shows coming up this week--today at Fuze Room around 930 with Mack Lawrenz and Bob Kerr making tunes, then wednesday at Cafe May as part of "Old Shoe Comedy", and then thursday at Lee's Palace hilarifying between bands at The Paper Bag Records Anniversary show, which I'll be continuing the next day Petit Campus in Montreal with them folks.

Then October 7th I might be doing a set with Jon-Rae Fletcher and the Riverat Planet Kensington, followed by L'AFTERPARTY on Friday, October 8th. Then on the 13th I'm at CBGB's with The Paper Bag Gang again(consisting of Jake Fairley, The Uncut, Controller.controller and Magneta Lane)...that should be fun. I need to set up more NY shows. Looks like november 4th or 5th I'll be with Knock Knock Who's There! Comedy at this Tim Sims theatre thing they're putting on, and who can forget that Oct. 31 Brutal Knights plays with Fucked Up and Corpusse at Sneaky Dee's for a Wavelength Halloween!??!

There's more happening but I forget for now. I'll try to update this shit more frequently.

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