Sunday, August 29, 2004

Feel the vibe coming from my jam box

I'm back at my parents' house. My month-long residency at The Drake is over and I no longer have any excuse for my pubes to be on one of the beds there. 'Twas quite the time. Very little shaminess occurred, unfortunately, and as my adulthood continues to be more noticeable, I won't be able to indulge in much shameyness without being anything but a gross dude, so really, I should deal with shameyness now while I'm the least gross I will ever be.

Speaking of gross, gross words flowed from my mouth at the L'Afterparty on wednesday the 25th, but it went great. I did about 35 minutes--definitely my longest set. I'd had a newspaper article earlier that,
and I was surprised at some of the people it brought out. People I went to highschool with, friends of my family and more all came out, and I'm assuming some were disgusted and now hate me and think I'm "weird".

Actually, the turnout was phenomenal for this event, considering I didn't try to make a hugey-huge deal out of it, and luckily I thought I represented myself comedically as best I could. Then the band played and it was weird we were at the Drake.

I loved seeing all the acts at l'afterparty...Panzram's Ghosts ruled nicely. And Makesi Arthur was so funny. I liked the video but I hate showing videos at events. Is that weird?

I swear to god if eat any more fusion food I will cut off my balls with a letter opener and shove them down the throat of the nearest sellout Japanese chef.

Upcoming shows:
Tonight, old york tavern, 9 30 PM. I'll be on early so show up if it so floats. your boat.

Beyond that, I'm hosting a show at Rancho Relaxo on the first friday in September. And I think I'm MCing the Paper Bag records anniversary show, which may be the same day as Toronto's first Kool Keith concert in awhile, in which case compromises must be reached.

And the next L'Afterparty is Friday October 8 at Rancho!

So until then, keep fucking.


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