Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Could I Be Any More Ready? yes, but won't be

So I have about 8 hours until L'Afterparty, and let me tell you, I am excited but a bit freaked out, because in an effort not to repeat my jokes too heavily, I'm trying to write as much as possible, and so am feeling stressed that I won't be able to write everything in time. It'll be fine though.
So this stay at the Drake has been good, because it's provided me with a lot of alone time, and thus I have had a lot of orgasms. Also, the delicious food has been just that and I haven't overdone it. I still have a couple of more days left to party down and snack. 'Twill rule. I got a copy of the new R.Kelly album the other day, along with the Snoop/Nate Dogg/Warren G album 213 and the new Beatnuts. All three are good, but especially the new Kells. I'm starting to realise he is called the 'piper' because of the pipes in his throat, and not due to the pipe he shoves in underdeveloped throats. How old is R.Kelly? He must be getting up there in age. That would make sense because his subject matter is becoming oddly old-timey. The man exists in a make-believe universe only he completely understands, but I love that universe, although I wish we could excise the part where he corrupts the very young from that universe. Anyway, magic things haven't majorly gone down since these Drake times began. I have drank fancy drinks and DJ'd rad tunes to the uncaring masses that spend time here. Also, I have questioned my validity as a person. Always good to do. Here is L'Afterparty info.

L'Afterparty, Drake Hotel, Wednesday August 25, 9 30, PWYC
video by JARED SALES and

if you're a comedian reading this, if I have time afterward I'll be giving peeps some time for a comedy jam to close out the eve, so feel free to c'mon down. Hope it goes well.

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WANG CHUNG TONIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!