Tuesday, July 06, 2004

Prime Canadian Beef

Today, I've got nothing. Nothing but sunshine, as it is such a beautiful goldarn day outside of my house. Not that I plan on going outside of my house, but it's really nice to look out the window while you're surfing the internet and needlessly putting off sending emails, and seeing rays of light pleasantly warm the soft heads of children and the elderly.
Things have gone pretty decently since friday. The Brutal Knights show on saturday was really fun, and all the bands that played were great. The venue turned out to be pretty cool as well, although I'm not sure a place where the band playing can be heard for blocks around will necessarilly last, it is a thrill, even if the opportunity is fleeting.
We debuted our new song 'Worst City' that night. It's about London, Ontario. Here are the lyrics:

That is where you come
if you're angry, dumb and horny
that is where you're from

Girls in London Ontario have more problems than math

Overenthusiastic, quick to cop a tude
in hair have streaks of pink or blue
unecessarily lewd

repeat chorus

They are all outsiders
each one of them's 'alternative'
the men are thirty
the girls are twenty
all of them have herpes

repeat chorus

We won't be playing til late July or early august, because I'm going away, as is our bassist Daniella.
Saturday I stayed out late and partied down in somebody from London, Ontario's house. Shaminess ensued, but luckily, not on my end. Or in my end, if you know what I mean.
This week I'll be doing comedy on wednesday, July 7 at the Hooch, but that'll just be a preparatory set at an open mic.

The big shindig will of course be L'Afterparty on July 8, an evening where all who have committed seem to have pulled out. OK, that's not true, but my drummer Andrew would rather go to see Dead Meadow in London Ontario than get free drinks and help make my show more of a show. So there will be no live backing band. Ladies, don't fuck him--he's selfish in bed and has a girlfriend.
Anyway, even if it's all shoddy DJing from me and good DJing from Anousheh, you should come and see me off. It's a once in a lifetime sexperience. I'm gonna do a goddamn 30 minute command performance. Or will I?


Lyrae said...

Whenever I see your name "Flans" at the bottom of your posts, it reminds me of the word "glans". Is this your intention?

Anonymous said...


Flans said...

'Flans' is a nickname I was given as a young teenager by then-indie rocker Max Danger, and I hated it because we feuded often and I found the name obnoxious. Then, my friends started using it and I liked them so much that I began to like the nickname. Plus it sounds like glans.
Oh, and a tip for writers of erotic fiction: 'glans' is a gross word, not a hot word. Stay away! But in real life don't stay away from glans.
Anonymous, thank you for the kissy and the wissy. See yall 2nite!

Anonymous said...

Holy crap l'afterpart rocked! Congrats on a super night.