Friday, July 02, 2004

Memphis Bleek ASSHOLE

Again, I'm just trying to draw you in with a reference to popular rap guy Memphis Bleek. I'm tired. Why are you assholes forcing me to blog? I wandered around tonight and gave flyers to a bunch of people in town. It was really fun, and made me feel sort of like a guy who runs for political office, running around, kissing babies and such.
I miss my San Franciscan friends who left on monday. They're some of my best pals, and I rarely get to hang out with them. Yet when I do, we have nothing to say to each other. Hey, I know what would cheer me up--printing some Brutal Knights lyrics!

T.B.S.L(typical bullshit life)

It's so cold and you are high
drunk on beers and at a party
some dame you like approacheth thee
you shit your pants and barf on she


TBSL! In my dreams
TBSL! When I try schemes
TBSL! When have job
TBSL! Bullshit life

Renting movies with seven of your friends
everybody wants to rent In Company Of Men
It's already rented, what to do?
all I know is everybody blames you
it's more typical bullshit in your life
that TBSL makes you cry

rpt chorus

This song has a brother tune by my friend Erin Mcdermott(one of the aforementioned San Franciscans) and her band The Western Dark. Their song called TBSL also rules.
Perhaps one day we will make a split punk seven inch where we cover each other's songs that share the same name. A wondrous day that will be.
Brutal Knights are tomorrow at the fuze room.
My comedy set at L'Afterparty will be backed by an orchestra of sorts.


Anonymous said...

0 comments! Ha ha ha!

Your Halifax soulmate:

-Love from your friend Rebecca Young

Flans said...

Yes, yes, I'm unpopular. Thanks for 'rebbing' it in, Rebecca. And apparently I am also cloned, seeing as that dude with the blog certainly doth seem like my counterpart. When will comedicize Halifax?

Anonymous said...

your stage band humour and whit sounds like the late bradford how. you know... those high school grade 12 drama class, saracastic, pretentious jokes. but it works for you, unlike it did for bradford. plus your band is like a modernized green day. i see a lot of promise in your future and then unfortunataley due to over radio play a slippery slope outta here like green day.

Anonymous said...

Your logic is brutalising inarguable and I love you for it.