Wednesday, July 21, 2004

I'm back, and I'm pissed on.

I sit here, just prior the dawn of midday, in my underwear and typing. That is to say--I'm back baby! My 9 day trip to and from New York three times was rad! I had NOW Magazine stuff and more comedy shit to keep me busy, so it wasn't a total vacation, but since I was on a tight budget that was often paying for two, I'm glad I had stuff to distract me with. Anyway, here's a breakdown of my days, based on the copious notes I took...I think I'll break it up into sections. One day today, and more on other's hard to write it all down.
Saturday, July 10:

Went to bed at 1, woke up at 530. Quickly packed all I thought I would need into my parents car, as they worriedly watched me flip out about whether I would get to NY in time to play the show. Counted my money and also stressed. Marco, my friend who so nicely volunteered when asked to drive my parents' car for the tour, arrived at 7 and we hit the road. The drive there was uneventful but pleasant--the most pleasant aspect being when we were passed through at the border, without any BS hassle or even a strong stinkeye. Young people are no longer America's enemy--people with beards are. Of course, during the whirlwind of the week preceding the show, I hadn't really composed my first show's set indepth, so I spent a good deal of the time in the car working that out. We arrived at the club pretty close to the show's start time, and I was too scared and unrelaxed to ask the guy at the bar for beer tickets.
Joe's Pub was pretty fancy-schmancey, and very dark. The peeps represented though, inlcuding Dara, whose house we stayed at while in NYC, and my friends Eunice and Dan, this rad dude Yaz, and Julie, the editor of this real good comedy e-zine called Two Drink Minimum (, and this dude Johnny O,and even Adam Green, which surprised me and was radly pleasing. My set was shakey and confused, but I told the jokes I had, and some people laughed. The response was quiet but there were laughs. Afterward, people at the show remembered me from the last time I opened up for Hamburger. We then took off and partied down at various bars, ending the night at this place 7B, where the people seemed to be picking the same terrible songs on the decent jukebox. Who picks Velvet Revolver EVER?!?!??!? Somebody, apparently. I had bought a disposable camera, but left it at 7B in a drunkenly sloshed haze of wastedness. Me, Dara, Marco and Eunice then went on the roof of her building and continued to drink inoxicating fluids. It was a nice first day. I was just happy we'd entered the country.

I also forgot to mention that this was the night of bad tippery--at Joe's Pub and at some place called Club B or something, Marco and Dara and others ordered food, and a minor tip or misunderstanding led to the server saying 'was there something wrong with the service?';at Club B it was especially bad, because we were legitimately trying to add to our shitty tip, but they didn't let us back into the restaurant, so the server came out and got in a verbal spar with Marco, ending with tthe server using hands as quotation marks and saying 'you guys are cool'. Apparently servers there make three dollars an hour. I for one, don't even get paid by the hour, so he should be happy. Or at least happier.


Bossu said...

dude...wicks shit...wants hear more. more type already!

Anonymous said...

Jaimes...I added! Hey, do you still have those TCC jpegs on a computer? Because if there's any way you could email them all to, I would be your pal. I'm looking for that CD you gave me and having a hard time finding it, dammit.

Flans said...

That was me up there. Also, I meant to say 'I would be your pal MORE'

Bossu said...

you're fucking kidding right? dude...its all erased from the computer cos mike's computer crash...hope you can find..